Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Are Your Style

I learned this the hard way.

Your personality will shape your tricking style. If you're an aggressive, all-out person, your style will be aggressive like you. I am very lazy and not the hardest worker, so my style is floaty and doesn't have as much effort put in to it. The lack of effort I put in to each trick makes it hard for me to progress.

Hans Wikkeling brought this to my attention over the summer, and I am very thankful for it. Since then I've been able to step up my game, and the simple attitude adjustment improved my tricking greatly.

My point is, compare yourself to how you trick and see if you need change anything. I don't mean change yourself, but perhaps you need to change how you look at tricking like I did in order to improve.


  1. So would you define tricking as a type of say free running? Because that is one of my favorite pastimes and I might have to pick up on this if so

    Nice blog man!

  2. Tricking is related to free running, but it only involves doing things on the ground as opposed to vaults and such

    check this out for a better idea:

    ^ For the moment I run that site as well (though I did not create it)